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Types of Jobs & Number of Openings

Health Services

India: 50000+
Bangalore: 8000+

Information Technology

India: 34000+
Bangalore: 10000+


India: 90000+
Bangalore: 15000+


Opening: 12000


India: 60000+
Bangalore: 9000+

Help & Support

Opening: 20000


  • Building resume in a unique way (developing resume that stands out from the rest).
  • Cover letter with a promise of action.
  • Follow up quickly on all resumes which we sent. 
  • Adding skills set which we know 100%.
  • Building network connection on job portals
  • Checking job post for similar jobs.
  • Customize our emails while sending to companies HR or talent acquisition team
  • Creating our free blog resume
  • Very careful analyzing job description.
  • Preparing nicely which we written in our resume
  • Checking what vault , comparably and Glassdoor show about the company.
  • Use Google , LinkedIn to research any names which we know in company which we applied.
  • Checking what vault , comparably and Glassdoor show about the company.
  • Practice most common interview questions respective job and follow interview etiquette.
  • We have to listen carefully and ask questions to the interviewer.
  • Taking advice from recruiter who called for job.
  • We have to know hiring manager expectation.
  • Prepare for the salary expectations and negotiation.
  • Before taking interview mock call to friends and be ready.
  • Consulting fees has 2 parts
    The service part which will help you to hunt jobs even after the subscription (non refundable).
  • And a refundable part as consultancy fees : If we fail to provide mentioned number of interviews, this part will be eligible for refund

A dedicated telegram channel will be available for you to keep on applying jobs for the links sent. This will be eligible till your membership tenure ends.

The employment portal includes several online job portals, we will help you to optimize it to maximize your no.of interviews and more exposure

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Our Stats

Maximum Interviews

On an average 7- 10 interviews fetched to our clients in 3 months.

Maximum chances of Placement

Majority of our clients got placed in their first 3 interviews.


Even though we are just getting started we have over 150 satisfied customers in last 2 months.


Not even a single refund on failing to deliver service.